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Dhani Harrison Records "For You Blue" for the Material World Foundation

Dhani Harrison’s version of his father’s song “For You Blue” is available today! Click HERE to purchase on iTunes. All proceeds go to George Harrison’s Material World Foundation, which is currently focused on helping create awareness for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and its mission to cure spinal cord injury. 
Dhani recorded the new version of “For You Blue” with fellow musicians Blake Mills, Aaron Embry, and drummer Jim Keltner. The song was originally recorded in 1969 and then released on The Beatles’ Let it Be album a year later. Goes Behind the Scenes of the Beautiful Creatures Soundtrack

Curious to know what makes up the “Caster sound” and the unique musical world of Beautiful Creatures?

On the upcoming soundtrack (available February 12), the band created a blend of character themes – “Ethan’s tone, which is guitars, folk instruments; Lena’s, which is glass harmonica, very smooth, sweet sounds; and the world, which is a dark and large orchestral treatment.”

Click HERE to learn more about the music with this great piece from MTV and check out the video below.